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Does World Citizenship Matter?

I recently listened to the Nerdist podcast with Bill Gates. I thought that it would be focused on Microsoft and his history with the company. Instead, and what I didn’t realize, was that it was released along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Annual Letter. I knew that he was a huge supporter of third world countries, and that his philanthropic helped people all over the globe. But what I did not expect out of listening was to be introduced to “world citizenship”.

And honestly, it does matter; in ways I’ve never thought of, or realized, before. The concept is that everyone on the planet should be aware of the welfare of the rest of the world. Even though I’ve always been stubborn and only care about the United States, it made me realize a few things. Conflict in the Middle East DOES affect everyone, Polio and different diseases CAN affect me, political unrest in Egypt WILL affect my son’s life in the future, and there IS something I can do about it.

World citizenship is a very unique theory. I’m happy to have ended up listening to the whole podcast, and even read the annual letter (both are linked below). I don’t want to push people, or inspire them to do something. Just give the letter a read, or the podcast a listen, and make your own conclusion.

Nerdist Podcast with Bill Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Annual Letter


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So I Got Hired To Develop Some Websites

I started designing websites and user interfaces when I was 15. I enjoyed it, immensely. It was also how I got most of my experience with photoshop. Unfortunately, the last time I did one was when I was 17. Fast forward 7 years and HTML5 has been released, WordPress has been improved greatly, and here I am, designing websites again.

Actually, I wasn’t even expecting it. When I wanted to relaunch WM Can’t Blog, I never saw myself doing it again, for someone else. In the last two weeks, I did this website, and another I developed for my in-law’s business. Both are extremely different, and offer a showcase in the skills I used to have. Anyway, I got on the topic with someone yesterday and showed him the sites. He immediately asked me if I would like to do two websites for him. I graciously accepted and am highly looking forward to doing this again; both as an expression in creativity, and as a way to get back to my roots.

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