I started designing websites and user interfaces when I was 15. I enjoyed it, immensely. It was also how I got most of my experience with photoshop. Unfortunately, the last time I did one was when I was 17. Fast forward 7 years and HTML5 has been released, WordPress has been improved greatly, and here I am, designing websites again.

Actually, I wasn’t even expecting it. When I wanted to relaunch WM Can’t Blog, I never saw myself doing it again, for someone else. In the last two weeks, I did this website, and another I developed for my in-law’s business. Both are extremely different, and offer a showcase in the skills I used to have. Anyway, I got on the topic with someone yesterday and showed him the sites. He immediately asked me if I would like to do two websites for him. I graciously accepted and am highly looking forward to doing this again; both as an expression in creativity, and as a way to get back to my roots.

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